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The CIM Sarawak Zone was established in the city of Kuching in September 1998 and it is located at the Tabung Haji Building, Jalan Satok to raising awareness of cooperative knowledge amongst cooperators in Sarawak.

In 2001, CIM Sarawak Zone had moved to a new office that is more comfortable in Amfinance Building, Jalan Haji Taha, Kuching. Since then, the CIM Sarawak Zone has begun to actively carry out relevant courses to cooperative movements throughout Sarawak in line with current developments.

In October 2006, the Sarawak Zone had moved again to the new building called Rugayah Building located at Song Thian Cheok Road, Kuching. With the new location, it is more comfortable for the cooperators


In addition to conducting courses, Sarawak Zone also serves to provide advisory services, developing case studies, research projects and also things related to the field of cooperatives.


Nuri Cyber Lab 


Air-conditioned computer lab equipped with 32 computers, multimedia systems, powerful Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz, 1GB Ram DVD-Writer and speaker are provided with Internet facilities for use by participants who attend computer courses. In addition to use the facility for education purposes, this facility can also be rented by outside parties in the absence of a course with reasonable rates. The rates are in accordance with the agency's hiring as follows. The computers can be use per day from 8.00 am to 4.30 pm (following payments for more than 5 hours)

Cooperative Government Departments / Agencies Private
RM45.00 RM45.00 RM45.00

Lecture Room Hornbill 


CIM Sarawak offer a lecture room named Hornbill Lecture Room. Lecture Room Hornbill (BKK) is located on the 2nd floor, next to the mosque. Lecture rooms are equipped with the latest audio-visual system, including a television, a sound system, microphones, LCD projector, screen and whiteboard for teaching and learning. This lecture room can accommodate approximately 50 people at one particular time. People from outside can rent the lecture room if it is not in use with the following rates:

Facility Cooperative Government Departments and Agencies Private
Use more than 5 hours RM160.00 a day RM210.00 a day RM260.00 a day
Use more than 5 hours RM110.00 a day RM130 a day RM160.00




CIM Sarawak also provides a library, air-conditioned, equipped with a collection of books and a variety of related courses that are offered to the participants in the reference collection of books for general reading. This facility is not only meant for the employees of CIMS but also for the convenience of the students during the course period. The library will be governed by computer technicians starting from January 2010 for the purpose to monitor the library movements.

Contact Us:

For any enquiries please contact the information as below:

Institut Koperasi Malaysia Zon Sarawak
P.O BOX 00241 Tingkat 9, Aeon Tower, ICOM Square,
Jalan Pending, 93450
Kuching, SARAWAK
Telefon : 082-552408
 Fax     :  082-364906

 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Sarawak Zone Official Facebook
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