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The e-Participation Policy aims to initiate the culture and practice of e-participation in order to improve transparency and public participation in enhancing the quality of services of the Malaysia Cooperative Institute (MCI). MCI has always recognized the involvement of co-operators and the public to enable it to explore a broader perspective, a source of information and solutions with potentials to improve the quality of services. It also provides the basis for a productive relationship, better dialogue and discussions, organized governance.

The objective of e-Participation is to involve people in policy development and decision-making through the use of information and communication technologies. Among the communication channels used are Facebook and Twitter Feedback / Suggestions / Complaints, Votes, Emails and Social Media (Facebook and Twitter)

Therefore, MCI welcomes the participations by complying to the terms and conditions that have been set as follows:

  • Any statements that incite racial sensitivity, religion and politics are strictly prohibited.
  • Do not degrade, personally attack & make statements that could offend the feelings of other parties.
  • Control your statements, refrain from using offensive language and parochialism.
  • Do not chat or send sentences that diverge from the main topic.
  • Topics and links to PORNOGRAPHIC websites are PROHIBITED.
  • Make sure your statements/ topic does not violate the ‘COPYRIGHT LAW’, ‘TRADEMARK’, ‘PATENT’ etc.
  • DO NOT use the e-Participation space as a place to conduct any contests, pyramid schemes, get-rich-quick schemes, internet money schemes, chain letters, junk e-mail, whether commercially or otherwise
  • The administrators of the e-Participation space in any circumstances does not endorse, support, represent or guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy or reliability of any statement/ topic made in this e-Participation space. The individual should understand that any risks related to the reliability of items in this column are borne by the individual.
  • The administrators of the e-Participation space are entitled to amend and delete any statement/ topic at any time without having to inform the author of that statement/ topic.
  • The administrators of the e-Participation space are entitled to amend the Policy and Guidelines of the e-Participation at any time without prior announcement/ notice.
  • As a participant or individual issuing a statement in this e-Participation space, you are subjected to the terms and conditions of the Guidelines of the e-Participation.

Prepared by:

Corporate Communication Unit
Malaysia Cooperative Institute

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