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1. Administering and managing process short courses within and outside the campus include:"

  • Application / Offer courses
  • Registration Process and Implementation Course
  • Storing Data Information of course participants
  • Course Certificate Production
  • Course evaluation

2. Provides academic performance reports and reports update for each course center and branch every month.

3. Provide annual training program scheme (Training Program Book, Course Calendar and Syllabus Books).

4. Coordinate and control the documentation related to short-term courses. 5. Coordinate and manage academic programs include:

  • Secretariat of the academic meeting
  • Secretariat for curriculum planning workshops and annual academic program
  • CIM Secretariat Study Meeting
  • Secretariat for Education and Training Committee Meeting  Putrajaya Declaration)
  • Secretariat Academic Paper Preparation for CIM Board Mettings

6. Coordinate the documentation of Manual ISO 9001: 2015 for the Academic Management Division

7. Secretariat with professional discretion / seminars / conventions and other academic programs CIM

8. CIM Internal Publishing Management, namely:

  • Providing teaching materials for courses such as Course Notes, Bags, Stationery, File and other reference materials for short-term courses / convention / seminar / talk / professional discretion and other academic programs.
  • Managing internal molds such as notes printing, brochures, books / cards programs, posters, business cards and other personnel related internal printing.
  • Managing external molds like Graduation Program Books, Holiday Cards, Books Training Program, Course Calendar, Planner, Syllabus books and other printing.
  • Coordinate and manage the distribution of books published by CIM.
  • Providing franking and circulation of letters by post to the Academic Division of CIM.
  • Manage and monitor the acquisition of fixed assets and movable assets in the printing of CIM.


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